Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Location: - Alder MT Miles = 50, Ave MPH = 12.1 Cum. Miles = 1298

Wednesday August 6 

I got a late start out of Dillon of 1pm. After the 107 miles and the late arrival I was still up until 1am and up at 7:30 to get caught up with my delinquent blogging. The Internet was slow and the photos seemingly took forever to upload.

This is a bronze statue. There are several throughout Dillon and all are for sale:

Stone cabin on the horizon:

This was named Beaver Head Bluff by the Indians. Didn't quite see it myself:

Here's the proof.... I have been told that hay that is stacked and turns brown is still good/nutritious after the first few inches are pealed off. One of the ranchers had just loaded a trailer to move some hay and the newly exposed hay looks as fresh as the day it was baled.

Entry to the town of Twin Bridges:

Washing the pet tortoise. You never know what you'll see in Montana:

Twin Bridges has an excellent museum - wish I could have spent more time.

Using this model they even explained how the Beaver Slide operates.

Even Twin Bridges with it population of 450 has a custom bike builder. 350 ci Chevy engine:

When I left Twin Bridges seemingly a hurricane had decided to blow up to keep me in Twin Bridges. The wind was coming  directly at me and whereas I usually do 15 - 16 mph on a flat road with my loaded bike, I was frequently doing only 4 - 5mph. It took me 1 hour 22 minutes to make the next town where I was planning to eat which was only 8 miles. At times the wind was so fierce it was disorienting.

I decided to stay in Sheridan for the night and had an excellent steak at the "In Back" Grill.

Patron Dwight and Charley with server McKayla who discussed several options regarding accommodation's (showering/swimming at the pool and then camping in the town park, Sump Hotel, Moriah Motel):

I found the owner of the Moriah Motel in Sheridan to be a touch abrasive and since the wind had died down I decided to mount up and head on down the road at 7:30pm. I can't tell you how fantastic it is to ride in the quiet of the evening when the traffic is very low and you can watch the deer running in the meadows as the light softens.

This is the Catholic church in the micro-village of Laurin (one dirt street). Remarkable due to the remoteness of where it is:

When I reached the town of Alder my experience with Randy the owner of Chick's Motel RV and Restaurant was completely the opposite of the Moriah experience. Randy was very helpful in setting me up in a beautiful cabin at an excellent and secret price :):) and then comp'ed my meal.


Thanks Randy - you have the natural personality to welcome the outsider and the mindset it takes to be in a service business.

With the additional 12 miles I got in this evening I think I should be able to make West Yellowstone by tomorrow evening.

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