Friday, August 15, 2014

Location: - Riverside WY Miles = 60, Ave MPH = 12.8 Cum. Miles = 1829

Thursday August 14

Pulling out of Rawlins - Multiple tracks running through the valley with long trains which reminded me of Arizona and New Mexico.

About 6 miles out of Rawlins is the town of Sinclair which is the headquarters of Sinclair refining:


Put this in for my daughter Becca as she used to work at Little America in Flagstaff:

This is Jim - he lost his drivetrain and was on the side of the road without any cell phone - got him hooked up with mine. I offered to tow him to the next town but he doubted my capability:

The Trans American route took me on I80 for 13 miles - really no issue with the very wide shoulders on the road:

Just more vastness:

A project to use evergreens as a snow fence. Not sure it's going to work as it is over 10 years old and the trees are still quite small:

Just out there:

This is the town of Saratoga:

The Saratoga IGA could easily win the award for the most unusual decorations:

Storm brewing up:

I made it to Riverside WY and stayed in cabins there. Overall a fairly uneventful day.

It's time folks please.......
And finally please remember the cause -  I will go into this in more detail and perhaps some level of haranguing later on, but for now here is the link .... and an additional link for donation   SoldiersBestFriend - Donate Please :):)   Oh and I would be a lot more comfortable if you use the "honorarium" option vs the "memoriam" option - you'll understand when you click on the link:):).   

As you donate please enter my name in the "In Honor of Spot" so the folks at SBF can tally the results to encourage me and let me know WE are getting something done TOGETHER. I recognize we are really trying to honor the Vets but this is the only way SBF can tally the results of this drive (tour).


  1. Hi Neil, Looks like you are going solo. Way to hang in there. I haven't had a chance to keep up with your trip but now I'm home from my trip and will be following more closely. Cycle touring is still at the forefront of my mind. The difficulties you are having put things into perspective but have not detoured me from wanting to do it. But we'll see. I'll try some multi-day trips first. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Tomoko,

      Thanks for following along. I remember fondly your wonderful hospitality not just one night but two when Sandrine's bike had the catastropic mechanical failure.

      Keep in touch

  2. Hope everything is OK, you have been offline for a couple of days. Ready your blog has been my relaxation in the evening and I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Hope all is well in Wyoming.

    1. I appreciate so much that you are enjoying the blog. sometimes I get behind but I do enjoy the opportunity to share this epic trip which I consider a great priviledge to be undertaking. Don't forget Soldiers Best Friend :):):)