Monday, August 11, 2014

Location: - Colter Bay WY Miles = 94, Ave MPH = 11.8 Cum. Miles = 1493

Saturday August 9

Quote of the Day: "But Old Faithful is just a fountain compared to the glory of true love".
                                                                              by John Prine and Roger Frederick Cook

I got off to an early start to head in to Yellowstone which was required, as I hoped to make it to Colter Bay which would be about 90 miles with some fairly stiff climbing at higher altitudes. I had to wrap up the tent still wet with dew with the plan to dry it out later at a lunch break.

I entered Yellowstone with some mixed feelings. Mary Lou and Les, who where my second Warm Showers hosts in Portland, and I had discussed meeting in Yellowstone to do a bit of riding together. I was looking forward to that as I considered myself their "adopted son in touring" as they had taken such a great interest in sharing their Trans America experiences and giving me tips regarding the route and touring in general.

However several weeks ago on a training ride Mary Lou had a post jump out and bite her which ended in a not so good accident resulting in a broken collar bone and so concussion action. About a week ago we thought perhaps we could still meet up as Mary Lou could drive a vehicle in support of other riders and Les but unfortunately her condition has improved more slowly than hoped. So I will ride without this wonderful couple. Thanks again guys for all you help, hospitality, and advice.

This is the profile of the terrain:

Even getting into the park by 8am the traffic was very heavy. But the speed limit was 45mph and the drivers were very considerate of cyclists with respect to the narrow roads.

This is a view of the first array of hot springs that you see in the park:

The line to get into a packed parking lot to see the hot springs:

An aqua clear watered pool:

In very close proximity a burbling mud caldron:

A noisy one:

There was a nice walkway around the area of the various hot springs:

After leaving this area there was a multi-colored stream of volcanic water flowing into the river:

Arrived at Old Faithful about 55 minutes before the next "show" and stretched the tent out to dry. People continued to gather in this area until there was a very large croud later on:

I was positioned in exactly the wrong spot to see anything through the steam:

A quick change of position showed some actual water on the left-most side.
Old Faithful was pretty much a yawner and hence my reference to the John Prine song. It worked out though for a lunch break and tent drying time:

This was the traffic still at about 6:30pm:

There are many places on the Trans America route where you cross the Continental Divide:

I tagged two of them on Saturday:

View of river after leaving Yellowstone:

Wildflowers along Jackson Lake:

Finally a Grizzly! All day long I had seen zero wildlife including deer with the exception of one large bird. I came upon a gaggle of cars and wound my way up through. I was about 25 feet from this bad boy - snapped 2 photos and was on my way!!!

I had to make frequent wardrobe changes throughout the day due to sun/no sun and elevation changes. I had felt very strong though the day but crashed the last 10 miles.

Entering Grand Teton Park:

I finally reached Colter Bay and was lucky to find this unique lodging - two log walls with bunk- beds attached and the roof and two other walls of tent material. I was very lucky to get this as someone had canceled and with a substantial discount as well:):)

Had some of the hotest wings ever at the restaurant after a shower and hit the sack. Wanted to get up early for the morning light on the Teton Mountains to catch some good photos.

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