Monday, August 4, 2014

Location: - Hamilton MT Miles = 56, Ave MPH = 13.0 Cum. Miles = 1108

Sunday August 3

Sandrine flew out to Toronto today after spending a few days in Missoula to try to figure out if she was going to continue. Ultimately she decided the route we were on wasn't taking her to places she was interested in (Next stop Yellowstone so ?????).

I will so miss her brilliant sense of humor and fun attitude at the towns and cities we did visit. She texted me from the airport to let me know I had been a great "bike husband" and also that they were paging her regarding her bike and that she wasn't going to answer the page because she was afraid someone was going to reject taking the bike on the plane. That's good old Sandrine for you:):):)

Today I got a late start of 1pm as I had to roll back to good old Best Buy as the Couch Surfing App would not load on the tablet. One of the things that Sandrine did for our little team was take care of the accommodation's either through Warm Showers or Couch Surfing. She was REALLY good at it and if you have been following along you know that we have been able to stay with outstanding hosts along the way. We really valued our time with these people and I will miss the special talent Sandrine had in finding to best of the best for us. She did that while I blogged on.

It took a photo of Graham and his 1974 Suburban with original paint and engine with 240,000 miles. That engine must have been made at the GM Tonawanda Engine Plant in NY.

He open the hood and reminded me of what an uncluttered engine compartment looked like.  He and his family are on vacation and are from Baton Rouge LA

Today was a very boring ride to Hamilton the upside being that about 32 of the miles were on an excellent bike path. The downside was that the path ran parallel to a very busy 4 lane highway which made me miss the quiet of the river valley. Also due to fire the view of the mountains was mostly obscured. Glad Sandrine didn't have to endure this:

I liked how this building in the town of Victor stepped down from front to back:

In the Bitterroot Valley which I know am following south to Yellowstone there are many log home factories. The custom build ones are assembled at the factory and then broken down to be moved to the home site:

This is the showroom:

This was pretty much it. Difficult to take photos due to the haze:

Interesting entrance to family farm (I thought they were all ranches out here) with carved bears:

I hope to be in Yellowstone by Friday but will be going through some Internet-lean areas. Please hang in there with me until I come out  the other side - I will have plenty to share I'm sure.

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