Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Location: - Springfield MO Miles = 73, Ave MPH = 15.1 Cum. Miles = 2877

Saturday August 30

Quote of the Day: "It was a large chain ring day".

As you can see from the 15.1 average MPH I made good time today. This was due to a combination of smooth road with wide shoulders and a westerly wind. The last 15 miles prior to reaching Springfield it rained heavily and then the sun came out just before I reached Springfield:

Some of the substantial architecture in Springfield:

Somewhat unusual bikes in downtown - the next morning. On the black one the cargo box is actually the front of the bike:

Springfield has a vibrant downtown area. The following are various shots of the city square where I met a reporter from KORL for an interview:

Building in the background with good bones - just waiting for a condo retrofit:

Donations update:  Currently at $660

About Soldiers Best Friend ..... If you have been following along you already know that I am trying to collect donations for the charity called Soldiers Best Friend. This is a charity that provides service dogs to Vets that are suffering from PTSD. These dogs can literally be life savers for these men and women.

My blog averages approximately 175 hits per day. I think that suggests folks are interested in the trip and hopefully are being informed and entertained. I am at the half-way point of the trip at 2151 miles. I consider this my job for the summer of 2014. I am putting in the the "blood, sweat, and gears" to steal a phrase - so would you consider a donation to this very worthy cause?

I've done the math for you .... My entire trip is going to be approximately 4200 miles long. Do you think you could donate $.006 per mile (like about slightly more than 1/2 cent per mile)?? If so then that would be a $25 dollar donation to SBF. Or better yet could you afford to donate at $.012 per mile (1.2 cents per mile) then that would be about a $50 donation. And so on ....  give what you can - I know this sounds like a Nation Public Radio fund drive but come on - what a worthy cause!!

Please follow the link below to donate and include my name - just "Neil" will do or "Neal" if you like that spelling better:):)

It's time folks please.......
And finally please remember the cause -  I will go into this in more detail and perhaps some level of haranguing later on, but for now here is the link .... and an additional link for donation   SoldiersBestFriend - Donate Please :):)   Oh and I would be a lot more comfortable if you use the "honorarium" option vs the "memoriam" option - you'll understand when you click on the link:):).   

As you donate please enter my name in the "In Honor of Spot" so the folks at SBF can tally the results to encourage me and let me know WE are getting something done TOGETHER. I recognize we are really trying to honor the Vets but this is the only way SBF can tally the results of this drive (tour).

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  1. What do you want to be when you grow up!?! :). Hi, Neil. Tell us some more about "find a job", please. If you blogged about your profession &/or areas of interest, I must have missed it.