Friday, July 18, 2014

Location: - McKenzie Bridge OR Miles = 61, Ave MPH = 12.6, Cum. Miles = 257, Cum. Ave MPH = 12.7

Thursday July 17th 

Today we launched fairly early for us - 9am. We have been trying get out of the rut of starting late and ending late that came from the difficulties of the first day and all the back issues I had that had us leaving at 1pm. Getting in so late after riding in the heat made it difficult to get out the door very early and the continued heat helped to perpetuated this pattern. While we did leave earlier however we did have some stops that made it that we still didn't get out of Eugene very early and to our our destination until 6:15 pm. 

The first stop was at Collins Bike Shop to talk to a shoe fitting expert. I have historically had difficulty at about 40 miles into a ride with a burning type pain in my 4th and 5th metatarsal area, especially on my right foot. Several riders told me that this had to do with compression of a nerve and that there were special insole inserts that could help with this issue. I was measured up and sent on my way with a set of inserts and some special socks. 

Then there was a little banking at Wells Fargo where Sandrine found a large Toledo scale. Don't ask me what it was doing there???

We decided to weigh ourselves and the bikes and do the math to see how much weight we were rolling with. My weight including the bike was 89lbs. and Sandrine's was 58lbs.

Next was breakfast at Mom's Restaurant - an excellent omelet. On the wall was a map of the route we were going to be taking that day which was along a river and an eventual 800 foot raise in elevation:

Finally we made a Walmart run to get food etc and then we were ready to leave the city.

Views along the way:

A Water Angel along the way

Fields of Lavender

Glad we are not buying any of this stuff:

Fly fishing: 

I'm having a problem with my shorts. While these new shorts are very very comfortable they hike themselves up as I ride. I am required by Oregon law to apologize to everyone who sees me everywhere I go. As we were leaving Eugene this morning one guy said "you need to lose the shorts dude." I replied back "well how do you feel about my mini-dress"?

These are exactly as they are after a half mile of riding. The shorts are up above my rather long jersey which makes it look like a mini-dress. Of course Sandrine is just cracking up:

The big climb is tomorrow - an altitude gain of 4000 feet in 22 miles. We have mixed feelings about it being this early in the ride. Typically you tend to "train into" a ride. In other words gain conditioning as you progress. So from this perspective it seems too early. On the other hand I'm hoping getting this climb conquered will give us the confidence t hat we can handle anything that is thrown at us.

In an effort to lighten the load further I have decided to shed additional weight. Even the Ben Franklins have to go. You gotta do what you gotta do.....

Just kidding of course!!

We arrived to Joyce and Gary's very beautiful home in McKenzie Bridge at 6:15 pm. The landscaping is outstanding. What a kind couple! Joyce had a supper of Portugese Chilli ready for us. Gary was so sweet he went looking for us when he became concerned about our late arrival. He found us at the small store close to their house stocking up as there will be no more stores for the next 58 miles.

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  1. You might try some mountain bike style "baggy" shorts. They have a more casual looking exterior with the usual cycling short liners. Those could be a good alternative to your short shorts!