Saturday, July 26, 2014

Location: - Halfway OR Miles = 55, Ave MPH = 12.0 Cum. Miles = 635, Ascent 2800 ft Decent 3300 ft

Thurday July 24th

Farming machinery boneyard as we were pulling out of Baker City.

Members of the Adventure Cycling tour coming east from Yorktown VA. The lady is from Oslo Norway and the gentleman is the tour guide from Adventure Cycling.

Walking bridge across the Powder river that accompanies us the entire way.

Bikers coming through Richland. Richland is aptly named as it is an oasis of green in such an arid climate due to significant irrigation. In this valley you can hear water running everywhere.

Just loved this notice - such an example of the small town work ethic:

Long climb out of Richland - gaining 1400 feet in 3.5 miles with average grade of 7 to 8% and some higher for short bursts.

Can any of you manufacturing types guess what lean manufacturing principal is being employed here?

Old style silo as you enter Halfway OR.

On to Cambridge in Idaho!!!!!

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