Friday, July 25, 2014

Location: - Baker City OR Miles = 68, Ave MPH = 11.3 Cum. Miles = 581, Ascent 3800 ft Decent 4300 ft

Wednesday July 23

Quote of the Day - "You start at sea level and you end at sea level - it all evens out in the end - my muscles don't believe that".

 Any day when you see the descent footage  more than the ascent footage you might be inclined to think we have had a kick back type of ride - but don't you believe that for a minute. Until just above Asheville NC when we make a right turn and make a dash for the coast and the lowlands we are sure that we are going to make up every descent-rich day with an ascent heavy day - especially as we have the Rocky Mountains ahead of us. And besides as we fly down the mountains our legs and backs are not getting a massage and we are constantly reminder "we got to climb out of here".

When you see a sign like this you can be sure that some climbing is coming. It literally means that there is an area for putting chains on vehicles to make it over the mountains in the winter. We went over 3 passes between Prairie City and Baker City.

But this is the reward  - LOOK AT THESE VIEWS!!!!!

The only store in a place called Austin Junction was closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Luckily we knew of a pipe with spring water that is 1 1/8 miles out of Austin Junction when going east bound on the right side.

Our new best friends and water angels Tom and Dawn met us in a "ghost town" and served us a nice lunch:

This sign made us a little leery of stepping off the road although we did violate item 3:

If Dale McKerrow is following the blog he needs to know that these are the glass electric/telegraph line insulators. Not sure if the greenish blue ones are the ones that are so valuable but I know where these are located if they are:):):)

Not sure what this is all about but it was a sign at Phillips Lake and there certainly wasn't any Social Security office close by. Ahh my trip advisers (you will meet them soon) in Halfway OR just told me this is a place where "old folks" like to camp out.

Phillips Lake:

Powder River into Baker City:

Canyon riding is great when the wind is channeled at your back. This was not the case riding into Baker City. The wind slowed us down to to 7 mph on the flats.

Dinner with Tom and Dawn - excellent.

We had our first camping experience in the yard of Mitch a Warm Showers host. Thank you Mitch.

Mitch prepares seeing eye dogs for service. This is one of the pups. We couldn't make over her at all even though she was irresistable.

Armani and Denim stretched out in the sun while the tent drys from the dew.

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  1. Enjoying the scenery & keeping up with your adventures! Thank you for stopping to personally invite Bill, Charlotte & I to follow

  2. Celebrating the "victories" & grieving the "stresses" with you. Godspeed :) ~Kimberly (Rentz family from the home trail)

  3. Your pictures are beautiful and your writing is very good. I'm vicariously enjoying and agonizing with you on this epic journey. Everyday I'm getting closer to committing to doing the ride from OR to AR and your blog is very encouraging. I know it is very challenging but amazingly rewarding. Way to go Sandrine and Neil!