Sunday, July 27, 2014

Down Day in Riggins ID

Sunday July 27th

Stef convinced us to take a rest day and stay on for a second night and be on our way on Monday. They have a breakfast with Stef's mom, aunt and sister every last Sunday of the month.

Curtis and Stef are on the right side of the photo fore and aft.

Stef took us to the beach - yes Negril Beach type of sand in Idaho - which is on the banks of the Big Salmon River. We swam in the breath-suckingly cold water and enjoyed the sun and sand.


We saw a blue herring flying and fishing out here today but it was too far away to photograph:

Stef took us on a drive up the Big Salmon River canyon:

Friendly free-range mule:

Stef was concerned about a group of her students that that were tubing in the river. Just to err on the side of safety we waited to make sure that they cleared a particularly difficult part of the river as two of them were not using life preservers:

Stef took us to Zim's Hot Spring this evening thinking it would be good for our bones:

Strange pool rules - guess you gotta tell them and what a better way in Salmon country:

Riggins is a happenin' little town and well worth a second look. Much to enjoy, good food, nice people, good fishing and hunting, white water rafting or a slow float, as well as great sandy beaches along the Salmon River

We have really enjoyed our time with Curtis and Stef and appreciate Stef taking time from her schedule to be our tour guide today. Both Stef and Curtis are EMT's and are 2 of the 4 EMT's that share call duty in this area which is a heavy burden to uphold in my estimation. Stef is a teacher and Curtis is an RN. Both have previous IT experience and helped us with our IT problems. Sandrine has purchased this fancy Garmin 810 but it didn't come with maps??? what's up with that?? Curtis helped her to download the maps.

Thanks to both of you - we enjoy your passion for what you do and your great hospitality and warmth - just like all of our other hosts along our journey. We are on a roll!

Stef and Curtis have warned us that the White Bird climb we will do tomorrow is very difficult and in an area that can be very hot so our plan has changed. Curtis has to work in Grangeville tomorrow which is on the other side of the White Bird Pass. Curtis will take Sandrine with her bike and baggage to Grangeville along with my front panniers. Sandrine will ride on a few miles to find lodging while I make the ascent, pick up my panniers from Curtis and ride on to find Sandrine.

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  1. Really enjoying your posts. I got your card at a group ride at SeeWee outpost before the Barn Jam. I would love to do this one day.

  2. Thanks for following along - it is encouraging. I can't wait to shed this weight (95lbs) and ride with you guys in Oct at Seewee - beware I'm going to be beast:):):)

    Please give my regards to the other riders